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Your moving, great! You can finally get some cleaning done in that house of yours. Your Kansas City movers are here to tell you that cleaning and sorting through your old stuff goes hand-in-hand with packing during a move. You must decide between what will be making the move with you, what will be donated, and what will be thrown away. Then you can proceed to receive top of the line packing services from your Kansas City Movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Dig deep in the closet and find all those old shirts that don’t fit anymore. As nice as they are, you haven’t worn them in five years and chances are there’s a few bad memories attached that you don’t need reminding of in a year from now. Besides, you can make some money off those bad memories, and host a yard sale to make a quick buck to assist in moving costs.

Plan your food shopping in accordance with your move date. Make a list and buy only the essentials and right amount of food. This will leave you with the least amount of food items to take with you during your move. Also, any food items which can easily be replaced just get rid of and start fresh. You don’t need to bring leftovers from last week’s dinner to stink up your new place within the first week of moving in.

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Relocating an office is difficult, but doable. As long as you have a set plan, and with the help of your Kansas City movers and everyone in the office, a corporate relocation can go very smooth. Here are some tips to help you survive a corporate move.

Have a meeting that includes all divisions within the office and determine point men that will head the move in each department. Throughout this process, regular meetings with the point men are of high importance to help stay on track and act as deadlines to achieve weekly goals for the move. Additionally, these meetings can be used for progress regarding who needs packing supplies, budget of the move, and if the help from other divisions is necessary.

When you are building your plan, it is necessary to layout a detailed timeline. Your moving an office, so start with packing the office supplies that will not offset any daily routines.

For example, if Johnson is making phone calls throughout his entire workday, it’s probably not the best idea to disconnect his work phone weeks before the move. Just a thought.

Since this is a corporate move, you cannot forget about clients. Assign an individual the task of contacting all clients about the move and updated contact information. You don’t want your clients paying you a visit in the coming months and showing up to an empty office.

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As a family-owned and operated company we are here to help make your move easier, not steal from you. Unfortunately, there are moving companies out there that will try and scam you to make a few extra dollars. We want to help you avoid that at all costs. So, here are some red flags to help you avoid the scammers and feel secure during your move.

If you feel like a Kansas City Moving Company is low balling the estimate of your move, go in a different direction. Chances are they are pulling a bait-and-switch tactic. This is where you will receive a low estimate and on the day of the move the movers will tell you that the workload of the move is larger than originally discussed.

Over-the-Phone estimates: don’t do them. There is no way for someone to make an accurate estimate without seeing the inventory of the move. Any company that provides professional packing services will not solely rely on an over-the-phone estimate for a job.

Large deposits: don’t make them. Any Kansas City Moving company trying to pull large sums of money out of your pocket before doing a job is not a reliable source. Thank them for their time, keep your money, and move on.

Don’t be misled by phony companies. Far too often, scammers will take advantage of the individuals who aren’t researching for a move. Call their offices, check their address and legitimacy of the company. Don’t be another statistic.

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Packing artwork can be complicated and cost you a ton if you end up ruining that priceless painting that’s been passed down through your family. So, your Kansas City Movers are here to provide you with some important steps to avoid any mishaps with your artwork when you move to Kansas City.

Avoid packing peanuts as padding for artwork. Peanuts are known for breaking off into tightly wedged places and can cause separation between the frame and the artwork. Also, packing peanuts are made from potato byproduct or corn, and when in contact with too much moisture can permanently stick to items in your box.

Do not place rolled up canvas in a box with padding. Go to a local art supply store and purchase a cardboard tube to place the canvas in. This is the best possible protection for safe transportation during a move.

If you have pieces of art that are truly worth more than it costs you to make the move, hire a professional packer. Taking a chance on packing that yourself is not worth it when there are professionals who can do it with ease. If you feel like living on the edge, do it yourself and let us know how you went about dancing with the devil, other than that, leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals and their certified packing products.

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So, you’ve decided to enlist the help of a Kansas City packing services company – which is something that’s new to you. You will soon discover just how easy moving can be and how much of a difference packing services can make to your overall packing experience. Once you choose packing, there’s no going back!

But, as soon the as the packers begin to finish, you’re stuck with a sudden realization, “I have no idea how much to tip packers”. You are not alone!

Tipping is always a difficult situation because it’s not easy knowing how much to tip, who to tip, and when it’s appropriate to tip. Plus, there are plenty of guides on how to tip Kansas City movers, but no information on how much to tip packers. Rather than go through the agony of trying to decide that for yourself, we have created this quick guide to ensure you avoid any faux pas.

How Much to Tip Packers

If you prefer the flat fee model, tip each packer $20 – $30 for the entire job, depending how much they are packing which is up to your discretion.

If you prefer the adjustable rate tip method, then most would agree than 5% is a good standard; of which a portion of that goes to each mover.

Who Should You Tip?

Best practice is to tip each packer individually rather than tip the moving coordinator or foreman directly. Not only does it avoid any uncomfortableness between the packers, but it also allows you the opportunity to show your appreciation.

When is The Best Time to Tip?

Well it goes without saying that good service warrants a tip. Don’t tip for packing services if you don’t feel the service was good enough. No customers are ever expected to tip All My Sons Moving & Storage packers, so don’t feel obligated.

As for timing, treat packing services like any other service and wait to tip until after the service is complete.


Moving injuries are the worst! As if moving was not already frustrating, all the bumps, bruises and cuts you get while moving can just make the whole moving process a little more unbearable. However, unless you’re hiring Kansas City furniture movers, then moving injuries are unavoidable.

Kansas City movers have had their fair share of moving injuries, and we don’t want anyone else to have to experience them! Here are a few tips to avoid moving injuries when you move!

  1. Hire Kansas City Furniture Movers

The only sure-fire way to avoid moving injuries altogether is to enlist the services of a professional Kansas City moving company. That way, you can stay complete out of harm’s way. The Kansas City Furniture movers are equipped with the skills and packing products to avoid moving injuries and tough enough to take all the nicks and bruises.

  1. Purchase the Right Packing Products

If you can’t afford Kansas City furniture movers then purchase the next best thing: Kansas City packing products. Most moving injuries can be avoided simply by using the right packing products, especially when moving heavy objects like furniture and appliances.

Moving dollies will prevent back injuries and cable ties will help you get a grip on the items you’re moving. Both are great investments.

  1. Lift with Your Legs

Back injuries are common and completely avoidable. Remember to balance yourself with your back, and lift with your legs. A straight back today decreases the chance of a crocked back tomorrow.

  1. Stay Focused

Usually a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast and a constant flow of water will help anyone stay focused while moving; that’s what Kansas City furniture movers recommend.

  1. Keep it Close

Ensure that everything you move is close to your body, especially heavy items and furniture. This will allow you to maneuver with much more ease, avoiding bumping into walls, corners and experiencing the dreaded toe stub.


What makes packing products for long distance moving different from the packing products used for local moving? If you purchased your packing supplies from trusted Kansas City movers, then there’s no difference at all! The quality depends on you!

For some people, moving locally requires less “proper” packing. They may simply throw their clothes in a garbage bag or into the trunk of their car without any covering. We recommend purchasing durable packing supplies for any move but especially for long distance moves from Kansas City.

This is the All My Sons Moving & Storage list of essential packing supplies for long distance moving!

Wardrobe Boxes – perfect to move your closet quickly and safely.

Large Durable Boxes – the bigger and stronger, the better!

Moving Blankets – prevent massive damage to furniture.

Furniture Covers (plastic sheets) – ensure there are no tiny scuffs and nicks.

Newspaper/bubble wrap – keep those delicate items safe!

All Kansas City movers are going to recommend purchasing new packing supplies rather than the alternative. Long distance moving from Kansas City is going to put strain on those boxes and the items inside and it’s better to spend the money on new packing supplies than to pay for items that may incur some damage when you transport them.

If you chose to purchasing packing services, then the Kansas City movers at All My Sons will bring all the brand new packing supplies needed to get you moving. You don’t even have to raise a finger!

However, if you choose to pack yourself, then All My Sons Moving & Storage in Kansas City has all the long-distance packing supplies you’ll need to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. Give us a call at our local moving office today: (816) 471-7600.





Moving to a smaller place can be such a liberating experience! You will cut your cleaning and up-keep time in half, you’ll be able to focus on creating a cozy space for yourself and most of all, you’ll be saving money on all sorts of monthly bills. But, before you go calling your local Kansas City movers and ordering packing services, you should take care of a few things on your end first.

  1. Measuring Tape Is Your Friend

Ask any local Kansas City movers for advice on packing for a smaller home and they will all say the same thing: start measuring! And we agree! Measure all your furniture as soon as you can and keep the measurements in your phone.

Take some measuring tape to your new home and measure out spaces for large furniture. Where will the sofa, bed and cabinets go? Try and figure this part out before ordering professional packing services; because it will be frustrating to make these decisions when the movers are carrying items into your new place.

  1. Donate or Sell

The first and most noticeable difference between your current place and your new, cozy space, is that not everything is going to fit.

Once you’ve measure all your furniture and determined what you want to keep in your new place, donate or sell the rest.

These days it’s easy to sell furniture online through Craigslist or Backpages; even Facebook has a market place for selling furniture. And anything you don’t sell, you can donate. Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity have services that will pick up your unwanted furniture for you.

  1. Reorganize and Get Creative

Smaller places are more prone to clutter but this can be avoided. Ikea, Walmart and Kmart are all filled with affordable solutions to stay organized. Visit the teacher section of any store and you’ll have plenty of options to ensure you avoid the clutter when moving to a smaller place.

For everything else, contact your local Kansas City movers!


If you are moving to Kansas City, All My Sons Moving & Storage, one of the best moving and storage companies in Kansas City can share some information on your residential relocation. First things first: when you move into your new home, the first thing you must do is unpack. We all know how tedious and time-consuming packing can be, but it can be made easier with packing services from the moving professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

To make your unpacking process go smoothly, try putting the boxes in their corresponding rooms before you unpack. If you label everything in detail while you are packing everything up, you’ll find it easier to locate where the box should go. This ultimately makes unpacking easier as the items are already in their prospective rooms. If you aren’t hiring packing services, you should be sure that you are doing this efficiently to make it easier for yourself.

Once you have all your boxes in their corresponding rooms, you should start by unpacking the bathrooms first. These are one of the first things you’ll need in your new home, so it’s best to start here. Next, you can move onto the kitchen and bedrooms. You don’t need to unpack absolutely everything from these boxes, but you should get the essentials unpacked. From there, you can move onto the living room, dining room and then finally the garage. You should focus your efforts on storage spaces last, because they are really nonessential to your daily life.

Preparing for a corporate relocation is never easy. However, it can be made easier with a little bit of preparation and some help from Kansas City moving companies. If you invest in packing services for corporate relocation, you can be rest assured that your move will be handled with ease. All My Sons Moving & Storage is one of the best Kansas City moving companies, and they are the go-to for businesses undergoing corporate relocation. Here are some tips from the professional movers on how to prepare:

The first thing you should do when you know that your company is moving is to tell your employees. The more informed your employees are, the better your move is going to be. If you delay the announcement, and word starts getting around your employees might start feeling stressed out and worrying about the details that they don’t know about.

You should start thinking about selecting team managers within the departments of your company. Having leaders will help facilitate your move by spreading responsibility to those who can help lead others.

If you are interested in hiring packing services for your corporate relocation, you need to start researching Kansas City moving companies and requesting bids early on. Make sure the Kansas City moving companies that you are looking at are licensed and insured.

After you’ve decided on a Kansas City moving company, or chosen your team leaders, you should start planning your packing and relocation schedule. The more organized you are, the more efficient your corporate relocation will be. Call All My Sons Moving & Storage today, and let us help you with your corporate relocation. Our team of professional moving coordinators can work out the logistics of your move to ensure a smooth transition for you and your company.