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After moving to Overland Park, it may be a while before you find a favorite restaurant or favorite bar. Exploring a new city gives you the opportunity to try new cuisine. For those of you who are moving to Overland Park, check out this list of the best restaurants in the area.

1.Jack Stack Barbecue featuring American Barbeque cuisine

2. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks and Seafood offers patrons American style dishes with bar and restaurant dining options.

3. Nick & Jakes provides its patrons American cuisine dishes ranging from Burgers to Filet Mignon and a Sunday brunch buffet.

4. Brobeck’s BBQ is a unique BBQ destination that serves up it’s delicious smoked meats rubbed in their special rub recipe without sauce. Guests can add their favorite sauce but is not needed.

5. Cinzetti’s is an Italian restaurant with a twist. Patrons can enjoy samples from several dishes cooked up at one of the 14 exhibition cooking stations in front of them.

6. Burnt End BBQ made it on the best restaurants in Overland Park list by serving tender and juicy portions of meat to its customers. Kansas knows BBQ and this joint makes the cut!

7. Spin Neapolitan Pizza offers residents of Overland Park, fresh ingredients to create some of the best pizza around. If you are moving to Overland Park, make sure to stop by and create your own pizza at Spin!

8. Korma Sutra makes the list for the best Indian cuisine in Overland Park. With fresh products and authentic Indian dishes, Korma Sutra is a favorite in Overland Park.

9. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill is an American restaurant and Steakhouse serving some of Overland’s best wood-fired steaks and seafood.

10. Stroud’s of Overland Park is last on our list of best restaurants in Overland Park but is far from the worst. Home to PAN fried chicken, guests can enjoy delicious home style fried chicken dishes.

Overland Park, Kansas offers it residents several activities to enjoy throughout the year. One of the best activities for kids in Overland Park is the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. Originally opened in 1978, it now serves over 450 thousand visitors each year. For those moving to Overland Park with kids it is a great opportunity for kids to learn more about their home town and history. This 1900’s farm was designed to resemble a real-life family farm. The Farmstead offers visitors to its location, an opportunity to step into the past. Some of the attractions and activities that can be found at Farmstead include, Vic’s General Store, a replica of a 1900’s general store. Visitors can purchase old time candy and toys to take home as souvenirs.

The farmstead has almost 200 animals on property. The animals found at the farm are all typical of what would have been found on a farm in the 1900’s. Visitors to the farm can also visit a one room school house and a mining camp, where guests can sift through and look for gems in the ground. Other activities for kids in this Overland Park attraction is a historically accurate Indian encampment. On property, guests can see replicas of a small Kanza Indian Village. The Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is open daily from April 1st to October 31st. So, if you are moving to Overland Park in the upcoming months make sure to stop by the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead or check out more activities for kids in Overland Park.

What’s going on in Overland Park, Kansas? The local movers in Overland Park, got you covered! Check out these acts in Overland Park! Visitors and new residents to the Overland Park area can enjoy a variety of ever changing acts. From art exhibitions to concerts and more, Overland Park offers its residents great entertainment year-round.

ART EXHIBITIONS AT NERMAN MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART: The Nerman Museum serves as host to a collection of a few of the world’s greatest emerging and established artists. The following is a list of upcoming acts in Overland Park.

10/20/2016 – 03/26/2017“DOMESTIC SEEN” – A compilation of 7 artists who use “domestic” scenes to convey perceptions of immigration, celebrity, wealth and family.

10/20/2016 – 03/29/2017“EVERYTHING NOTHING SOMETHING” – a collection of drawings by Don Kottman answering the question “What’s Not in the World That Should Be?”


DINNER AND A SHOW AT NEW THEATER RESTAURANT: Enjoy dinner while watching celebrities perform Broadway musicals and comedies on stage. The local movers in Overland Park consider this a true Overland Park treat.

1/30/2016 – 02/12/2017“THE FABULOUS LIPITONES” – After a barbershop quartet loses a key member of their group, see the lengths they go to, to find a replacement before the national competition.

02/15/2017 – 04/23/2017“BOEING-BOEING” – A comedy depicting the life of a lady’s man, Bernard, dating 3 stewardesses without any of them knowing until a super speed Boeing changes the schedule, wreaking havoc on bachelor Bernard’s life.


CONCERTS AT POLSKY THEATRE AND YARDLEY HALL: The Polsky Theatre and Yardley Hall is located within Johnson County Community College in the Carlsen Center. Visitors to the performing arts series at JCCC can enjoy a variety of concerts and plays. The local movers in Overland Park have taken the liberty to list a few of the upcoming acts in Overland Park at these venues.






Moving at the beginning of a New Year can give you a feeling of a fresh start. New Year’s is a time for New Year’s resolutions so why not create a few post New Year’s resolutions to keep after moving into a new home. The friendly Overland Park movers of All My Sons have come up with 4 New Year’s Resolutions you should keep after moving. Staring off with managing stress. Moving can be a stressful time and is no way to start the new year. Try these helpful tips to help manage your pre-move stress. Eliminate as many errands as possible after moving. Notifying the DMV and the Post Office of your recent move is necessary but can be done online and save you time. For those errands, you do need to run, map it out in your new town prior to moving, and schedule out an afternoon to stop by. Having a plan and mapping it our will help save you time and stress after moving and throughout the rest of the year. Another post new year’s resolution after moving can be to eat healthier. Moving is the best time to throw out all the junk food from your cabinets and prevent it from entering your new home. With less junk food to unpack you can set your kitchen up quicker and start making healthy meals for you family. Vacation often. Although extravagant vacations are not always an option, making time to enjoy your new town with your family can generate a better outlook on life. Take time during your days off to explore areas and destinations outside your neighborhood. Volunteer when possible. Making time to become involved in your new community can make this post new year’s resolution one of your most rewarding accomplishments. Creating new habits is easier when everything around you changes. It creates a fresh start for new habits and is reinforced once you repeat other behaviors. All My Sons Overland Park movers encourage you to take this opportunity to make post new year’s resolutions and stick to them!

If you moved to Missouri and are looking for somewhere to hold your winter wedding reception in Kansas City, you are in luck. With different venues for different sized parties there are tons of beautiful winter wedding venues in Kansas City for your big day.

For those who are hosting a wedding with less than 200 guests, the River Market Event Place is perfect for your reception. With a mix between rustic and industrial, this event space has an urban vibe with high ceilings, big windows, and a large loft. It is located in downtown Kansas City, and is easily accessible, which is perfect for all of your out of town guests. You can dress it up as much or as little as you would like, making it perfectly versatile for a winter wedding venue in Kansas City.

For those who have a few more guests, The Stanley Historic Space and Aspen Room is the perfect location. This venue is a gorgeous mix of modern and vintage, has an indoor and outdoor space, it is perfect for your wedding reception with a guest count up to 300.

And finally, if you moved to Kansas City and you have a wedding with a guest count above 300, the Gallery is an amazing spot. Its modern vibe mixed with big windows and an upstairs balcony make it the perfect place for you and your guests to celebrate. Located in the Power and Light District, you will not want to have your reception anywhere else.

Kansas City, Missouri has some incredible places to celebrate your big day. Check out one of the above winter wedding venues in the city and throw the wedding of your dreams.

For Kansas City, Missouri, the end of November kicks off the beginning of the holiday season. There are so many holiday events in Kansas City that take place, sometimes it is hard to keep up. Below are three of the top 2016 holiday events in Kansas City for you and your family to check out.

Running from November 20 to December 24, “A Christmas Carol” is performed at Spencer Theatre. With 2016 being its 35th year in production, this show is a crowd favorite around the holidays. Tickets start at $29, and it is fun for the whole family, ages four and up.

From December 4 to December 24, the Kansas City Ballet presents “The Nutcracker” at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. This classic ballet is fun for the whole family, and is the perfect way to spend time together before the holidays, after moving to Kansas City.

Finally, on December 20 from 1-4 p.m., The National Museum of toys and Miniatures hosts “Music in the Museum” for only $5 for guests over the age of five. Traditional holiday music is played by Simple Strings in the Tureman Education Center. What better a way to escape the holiday madness than to escape into a museum for a few hours and listen to holiday music?

If you and your family are looking for some holiday fun after moving to Kansas City, Missouri, these 2016 holiday events are sure not to disappoint.

If you are moving to Kansas City, Missouri, you might be interested in what kind of night life you are getting yourself into. While not exactly a determining factor to your move, the night life most likely played some amount of a role in your decision, so here are some of the top bars in Kansas City, Missouri:

Manifesto is very highly rated by tourists and locals alike. Reminiscent of a speakeasy from the 1920’s Manifesto has an ambiance that is cozy and welcoming. Whether you are going with a significant other or a group of friends, you are bound to like it. Not to mention the drinks are something special. And it is lit exclusively by candle light.

The Green Lady Lounge is known for its amazing atmosphere. With live jazz music playing fairly often, red walls, and copper ceilings, this is not a bar you are going to want to skip out on. After a night at the Green Lady Lounge, most of what you hear people go on about is the atmosphere. But do not forget about the drinks!

Unlike Manifesto and The Green Lady Lounge, Zoo Bar is more of a dive bar, where some people say you can, “let your inner college self out.” While it is not a swanky high end bar, people love the laid-back environment and ability to relax and have a great time.

When moving to Kansas City, Missouri, be sure to keep these bars in mind when you go out for a night on the town!

Starting in January 2018, the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, will no longer accept Missouri ID’s for boarding commercial flights. Why, you might ask? It all goes back to 2005, when Congress passed the REAL ID Act, which set a standard for minimum security standards for state-issued drivers licenses. The act prohibits federal agencies from accepting IDs that do not meet the standards set forth by the act. A law passed in Missouri in 2009, enacted in order to protect Missouri citizens privacy, prohibits the Missouri Department of Revenue from complying with the REAL ID ACT.

The federal government gave states time to comply with the act, and beginning in 2018, TSA will be one of the federal agencies who will not accept IDs from noncompliant states. This is seen by some as a way to strong arm noncompliant states into complying, as the federal government cannot actually dictate what state issued IDs have on them. It is seen as though passengers flying with the noncompliant IDs are being used as pawns to accomplish the goal of getting all states to comply, and some are not happy about this.

There are nine states that do not comply with the REAL ID Act, including Missouri, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington. Kansas City legislators are hoping to tackle the issue in 2017 to resolve the issue before 2018, however, if you are moving to Kansas City and get a new ID, you should be aware of the legislation regarding traveling with your ID and TSA compliance.

Looking to break your routine? All My Sons movers suggest you dress to impress and explore the lights, camera, and action that Kansas City theatre is offering this season. You will have the opportunity to feel the energy of the actors on stage, be amazed by costumes and set design, and take a step into someone else’s reality. All My Sons Kansas City movers recommend that you check out some of the city’s theater this season.

For a night of thrill, check out “The Illusionists Live from Broadway”. This group showcases spectacular, mind-blowing illusionist talents. They have shattered box office records worldwide, and continue to leave audiences breathless with their astonishing acts. Performances run from November 15-20. The Illusionists are performing at the Municipal Auditorium Hall.

If you want to stick to the holiday classics, “The Nutcracker” will be playing at two locations in Kansas City: the Kansas City Ballet and the Muriel Kauffman Theatre, from December 3-24. Moscow Ballet’s “Great Russian Nutcracker” at the Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland starts playing on Nov 26.

For a romantic comedy, Kansas City movers recommend “The Way We Get By”, playing at the Unicorn Theatre from October 19 – November 13. After spending the night together, a man and woman must decide if their passion is worth facing the public fallout that is bound to happen. Kansas City movers recommend this play for adults only.

“An Octoroon” will also be playing at the Unicorn Theatre from November 30 – December 26. An Octoroon is a hilarious, moving, and provocative story of drama unfolding on a 19th century plantation between a maiden, Indians and slaves.

There is plenty to do in Kansas City, like shops, art galleries, events, concerts, restaurants, plays, and downtown bars. So what is the best way to enjoy a full day or night in the city? The Kansas City Streetcar.

All My Sons movers recommend this method of transportation for anyone new to the city. It is completely free to ride anytime, it eliminates the hassle of finding a place to park downtown, and it is a great way for visitors and residents to explore the city on their own terms.

The Kansas City Streetcar began running earlier this year in May, but has already had 1,000,000 rides in just six months. The track runs from River Market on the north end to Union Station and Crown Center on the south. It is 2.2 miles long and has 16 platforms, where the Kansas City streetcar picks up riders every 10-15 minutes. A full loop takes an estimated 30 minutes.

Not to mention, the city’s newest method of transportation is benefiting local businesses, as it brings riders straight to the front doors of shops they might not have ever considered. Giving these local businesses more attention stimulates the metropolitan economy, creates more jobs, and assists in further development of the area.

The new system has four cars, each holding 150 people. It allows bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, and permitted service animals.

All My Sons movers report the Streetcar conveniently runs from Monday to Thursday 6 a.m. until midnight, Friday and Saturday from 6 a.m. until 2 a.m., and Sunday from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

If you are concerned with security, the Streetcar has partnered with the KC police department to keep an extra set of eyes on the cars, as well as 16 on-board cameras for your protection.