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There’s a certain serenity that comes with lounging on the patio couch, surrounded by a nicely manicured and landscaped backyard. Moving it all from one place to another however, doesn’t incite the same feeling of peace. Here are some tips for getting your outdoor furniture to its next destination so that you can get back to relaxing again.

Clean – Outdoor furniture, even when covered, is outside in the elements, meaning it accumulates a build-up of dirt and bacteria. Before moving your picnic table or patio furniture, scrub it down with water and furniture cleaner.

Investigate Furniture for Aliens – You won’t likely find tiny green men from another planet, however you will find that ants, spiders and other tiny forms of life will settle into the cracks and crevices of wood furniture. Check your furniture out and ensure that you’re not taking any uninvited guests to your new home.

Take Care of Your Plants – Moving plants requires delicate care. Packing services professionals like to pack them in lined boxes with pre-cut holes for ventilation. To avoid any damage to them, try tying the branches/stems together in the direction that they are growing.

Pack Properly – Packing is all in the technique. Ideally, it’s best to hire professional movers in Kansas City who offer packing services to ensure the safe handling of your furniture. However, for DIY moves, secure loose items first and foremost. Remove all padding from your patio chairs and table, and pack separately. Then break down the furniture and pack the heavy components together.


One of the most exciting times in your life is leaving home and going off to college. There’s a whole world of opportunity and possibilities awaiting you, and like-minded people to explore it with. It’s also a bit frightening, because for the first time in your life, you’ll be on your own and fending for yourself. Before you make the move to your new dorm, make sure you enlist professional help. All My Son’s offers Kansas City packing services that can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Pack only the essentials

Space is going to be limited in your new dorm room, especially if you’re sharing it with a roommate. Take only what you need to assist with getting through your everyday life. When purchasing your packing products, be sure to find a large and sturdy box to carry everything you need. Some universities don’t allow freshman students to live in off campus apartments, so be sure to find out how big your dorm room will be.

Pack for functionality

You will likely have few possessions and a tight space to store everything. During your hunt for packing products in Kansas City, look for plastic bins and drawers that serve as both storage units and possible work stations. Remember, it’s not about how much space you have, but how you use it!

Plan Ahead

The time for slacking off and procrastinating is over. Going to college means adhering to a strict schedule to be successful. Once you know that you’re going away to college, find out when you can move in, and schedule a date with our moving professionals immediately. This is especially important if you don’t have transportation or will have other activities going on around the move date.

One of the main reasons that people hire packing services in Kansas City is because they want experienced hands handling their move. Our team of professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage understand the ins and outs of maximizing space, time, and efficiency, which is why we want our customer to know three of the top packing hacks that can be used for packing a suitcase when going on vacation.


Packing Jewelry

It’s frustrating when jewelry gets tangled up during a move, however there are solutions! For necklaces that tend to wrap themselves into knots, try stringing them through a straw before putting them into your bags. Using press and seal plastic wrap is also a great way to keep necklaces and bracelets from tangling, as well as keeping rings and other small pieces of jewelry from getting lost.


Make Room for Clothes

Don’t like folding? Try rolling! Rolling up clothes tightly can save an enormous amount of space for those who like to pack heavy. Another one of our packing hacks involves storing underwear inside underwear. Women going on long vacations or business trips can roll their under garments up and stick them inside the cups of their bras. Stuffing the bras helps maintain the shape of the bra and when folded over, creates more room for shoes!


Shoe Packing Hacks

Speaking of shoes, stuffing socks and other small items inside of shoes helps to save space. Additionally, our packing services professionals in Kanas City prefer to use other materials, but if you’re low on time and resources, wrapping your shoes in freezer bags will help keep the dirty soles away from your clothes.

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Just moved to Kansas City and ready to take a trek through the great outdoors? You’re going to want to pack accordingly. You’re obviously not going to use the same packing supplies that you would if you were going on a vacation to the tropics, which is why our packing services professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created this checklist.

Camp Essentials

Consider everything that you’ll need to include in your packing supply list as a basis. You’ll need a spacious and durable tent to sleep in, sleeping bags, a Firestarter kit, pocket knife, mallet, flashlights, cookware and a water filter.

Food and Water

Unless you’re planning on doing some fishing, hunting or foraging berries, you’ll want to include canned goods and bottled waters on your camping packing supplies list.

Personal Supplies

These are the items that will make your life in the wild a little more comfortable. Some of these supplies to pack include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellant, sunscreen, toothbrush and toothpaste.

First Aid Kit

No camping trip should be without a first aid kit. While a good portion of camping trips are relatively safe and injury free, things do occur. Be prepared to handle cuts, sprains and other ailments that may come up. Pack ibuprofen, bandages, anti-histamine relief, burn cream, etc.

Outdoor Clothing

High heels and sandals aren’t going to cut it in the outdoors. Opt for hiking boots and jeans instead. Additionally, you may want to get yourself a pair of gloves, long sleeved shirts, a lightweight hat and jacket, sunglasses and wool socks. Make sure that you’re fully prepared yourself for your next outdoors adventure!


There’s no better time to be a college student than the summertime. Relaxing under the hot sun, while enjoying your last bits of freedom before you graduate, the summer is a season filled with emotion and wonder. Before you call on our Kansas City packing service team to clear out your dorm, make sure you enjoy yourself with these inexpensive and fun summertime activities:

Check out these summertime activities in Kansas City

Go on a Day-Trip. Especially if you are living near a lake or campgrounds, plan a day trip to enjoy nature. Who’s to say that you have to go on a weeklong vacation to enjoy the hot summer sun and fresh air? Simply jump into your car, grab some friends, and go on an adventure!


Have a Bonfire. You aren’t a college kid if you haven’t been to a bonfire party. In case you haven’t, make sure to have a bonfire with your friends on a little get together.


Visit a National Park. This might not sound as a fun activity, but visiting a national park, a national zoo or even a museum, can be an educational and fun experience. Make sure to try it out this summer with a few of your friends.


Attend a Summer Festival. Okay, you probably have this on your checklist already, but we have to say it! One of the best summertime activities for college students is attending a summer festival.


To prepare for your packing, you should first declutter your home. Not only will this make the packing process easier, but it will make the unpacking process quicker as well. Having your home ready for packing means that you’ll ultimately be able to save time. What’s more, you’ll ensure that you won’t forget anything of importance in the hassle of packing. Here are a few great decluttering tips from our packing experts:

1. Prepare Decluttering Supplies

Before you start with the decluttering, make sure that you have a few decluttering supplies by your side – garbage bags, labels, boxes.

2. Declutter One Room at a Time

According to our packing product experts, the best way to go about decluttering your home is doing so one room at a time. That way, you’ll not only be able to organize your items better, but you’ll also be able to allocate your time, focus and energy just the right way.

3. Declutter Your Bathroom First

The first room you should start with is your bathroom. Quick and easy to declutter, the bathroom is also the most tedious to do. That’s why you should first start with it. What’s more, that way you’ll ensure you won’t get all nostalgic looking at old photos, even before beginning to declutter.

4. Set Your Eyes Towards Your New Home

While decluttering you’ll come about a lot of items from your past. Make sure to avoid nostalgia and rather focus on all the positive emotions that come with packing. Ask yourself if you’ve used the item within the last year. If not, throw it out.



Once you’ve decluttered, consider using All My Sons packing products in Kansas City to make your transition quick and seamless.


If you’re a homeowner, “going green” poses many benefits. You will not only be able to enjoy the comfort of knowing that you are doing your part to save the plant, but you’ll also be able to save up some cash from energy savings.With that in mind, our packing service experts at All My Sons of Kansas City have decided to share a few tips on what you can do this summer to make your home a little bit greener. Without further adieu, let’s get started!
1. Change Your HVAC Filters

If the HVAC filters of your air conditioning unit haven’t been changed in a long time, now is the time to do so. Going for MERV filters, you’ll be able to go just a tiny bit greener.

2. Install e-Glass Windows

If changing your air-conditioning filter seems like too small of a change, try installing e-Glass windows. These windows are used to control the heat transfer, ultimately insulating your home from the hot summer sun.

3. Switch Your Light Bulbs

If you haven’t already, make sure that you switch the light bulbs in your home. Fluorescent bulbs use as much as 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last eight to ten times longer.

4. Install Environmentally Friendly Cabinets

If you weren’t aware, the cabinets in your home emit vikatuke organic compounds, similarly to VOC Paints. That’s why you should switch them up. Go for environmentally friendly cabinets instead. Known as Greenguard Environmental Cabinets, green cabinets are known for their low chemical emission.

If you are a basketball person, you probably have a hoop in your backyard. Just because you’re moving houses doesn’t mean you must say goodbye to your old friend just yet. The packing experts at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created this helpful guide, and have some great tips and packing products in Kansas City to help you move your basketball hoop safely. Let’s get you shooting the ball towards your new home.

1. Check the Anchoring of your Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoops come in all shapes and sizes. To be able to properly dismantle it, make sure that you understand how it is anchored. Usually, all you must do is move the rocks that hold the base of your hoop. However, some hoops are cemented into the ground. If this is the case, dig around the base. If the pole starts budging in about half an hour of digging, you’d be good to go. If not, you might need to rent a track loader to help you dig even deeper.

2. Break the Pole Down

Take out your gear box and start breaking your basketball hoop down. Start by taking the pole, the backboard, and the rim. Next, break down the adjustment mechanisms and the extension arm. Finally, remove the base from the pole.

3. Pack it Up and Transport to your New Home

The parts to a basketball hoop could be difficult to pack. Fortunately, All My Sons offers packing products in Kansas City that can work perfectly with any size or shaped item. The last step is transporting your hoop to your new home.

If there’s one thing that local movers in Overland Park know very well, it’s all the local spots in our city. There are benefits to being a local and that’s just one of them. And although we may all be different, ask any of the local movers in Overland Park and we will all agree that the Overland Park farmers market is the best local spot in the city!

History of the Overland Park Farmers Market

The Overland Park farmers market is filled with 30 years of history. The market was originally started to showcase community produce and it slowly evolved into a place for thelocals to show their pride! It’s a great place for families and people of all ages, and the number one recommended place according to local movers in Overland Park!

Guide to Good Buys

Because the Overland Park farmers market is one of the longest consistently running farmers markets in Kansas City, we take things seriously. All the Overland Park farmers market vendors are required to properly label produce to help shoppers discern what was grown locally, what is USDA certified etc. The origin of all the produce that comes to the Overland Park farmers market is important because we want everyone to feel attached to the community.

The Best Vendors

The Overland Park farmers market is filled with fresh, local foods. For a complete list of all the vendors and the times they sell, check out the vendors at the Overland Park farmers market website.

On behalf of all the local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, welcome to the neighborhood and we’ll see you at the farmers market!

If there’s one thing that you will understand after moving to Overland Park, it’s that in this community, it’s all about the love! The community in Overland Park loves their residents to be happy, which is why they have implemented community events and involvement activities to show the locals some love and allow everyone to come together, frequently, to have fun, welcome new members, get to know one another, make friends, and make the community stronger.

What is Third Friday?

Every third Friday in the downtown area is dedicated to Overland Park locals coming together to have a great time! The city and local businesses all come together to make sure that every third Friday of the month has been specially planned to get the community together and bonding.

The festivities begin at 5:00 p.m. and end around 9:00 p.m.

What to Expect

What makes this monthly event so special is that every third Friday is different. However, there are some standards that you can expect. The event is filled with food, drinks, music and a good time for all. If you are moving to Overland Park this spring, then you’re in for a whole summer of fun activities.

Tips for Third Friday Event Newcomers

Overland Park movers have a few tips to ensure that you get the most out of your time at the third Friday’s event.

  1. Park near the southern part of the Overland Park downtown area, near the traffic circle on Santa Fe Drive. There’s always plenty of parking there and it’s the perfect spot to start walking into town.
  2. Walk up Santa Fe drive first, but have dinner on Overland Park Drive.
  3. Like the LocalLifeOP page on Facebook for regular updates regarding music and special events each month. Be in the know after moving to Overland Park!