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Kansas City, Missouri foreclosures are about to get a helping hand. The Federal Home Loan Bank has chosen Kansas City as the recipient of funds for fixing up foreclosed, low income housing. The funds that Kansas City will receive add up to about $740,000 in grants to the city and other organizations to help overhaul […]

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As a part of the 2010 district wide downsizing initiative passed in 2010 by the Kansas City, Missouri School district. On February 15, the deadline set for potential investors to buy a stake in the retired schools. The new schools to be cut aren’t the first to f their kind–several schools in Kansas City have been closed in recent years, The […]

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According to local real estate firm Block Real Estate, the Kansas City area is in store for steady recovery throughout 2012. New projects and other positive signs of life for the real estate industry have led professionals to believe that 2012 will be the year the market comes back. Sadly, the Kansas City area lost more than […]

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As a Kansas City moving company that is passionate about achieving customer satisfaction, it is a very common occurrence for us to receive praise and thanks for a job well-done. Since many of you may have plans to move in Kansas City soon, your local relocation expert here wants to show you first-hand what you […]

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This week, the Missouri legislation will meet and discuss potential cuts for the coming year. Notably, the topics up for discussion are job cuts, school cuts, and budget cuts. The legislation is taking to Washington, D.C. to try and protect the school district, though unaccredited, and trying to avoid cutting millions of dollars in cuts—including […]

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Kansas City’s Armour Boulevard and Broadway area is set to undergo renovations, thanks to a financial deal that was closed at the end of 2011. Early in 2012, construction is set to start to build nine new buildings to add to the existing Commonwealth Development. The expansion was approved at the final quarter of last […]

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