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The Starlight Theater offers a plethora of riveting performances this summer in Kansas City. The local theater offers any type of show that you prefer, ranging from musicals to comedies to concerts. From June 23 through July 26, the Starlight Theater is featuring Woody Allen’s striking musical, Bullets Over Broadway. This musical is a rendition […]

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Leading a healthy lifestyle can become challenging at times, especially when moving to a new place and being unfamiliar with the eateries around town. However, the following tips will serve as a useful guide to help curtail one’s tendency to resort to fast food restaurant chains, and to facilitate the way towards healthy eating in […]

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While there are admittedly more allusions in songs to New York City or California, Kansas City has had its share of glory over the years, and Kansas City Residents there are more than willing to boast about it. To become more informed about your future home, these facts will assist you in getting acquainted with Kansas […]

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Moving to Kansas City is an exciting feat, but perhaps with all of the tasks that accompany the moving process, you’ve forsaken your research on how to properly host your future neighbors and friends. Well, have no fear! With the following handy tips, you will be a Kansas City conversation expert. 1. To begin with, […]

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