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Holiday Moving

Moving your family? During the holidays!? Bummer! Fortunately, there are simple tips and tricks to make the best of any holiday season move!
  • First and foremost; hire professional Kansas City Movers! Don’t even think about a do-it-yourself move! You don’t want to tempt Murphy’s Law. Hiring Kansas City moving professionals WILL save you money, and will take your family from A to B in one swift painless motion. Leave the grunt work for professional movers and save that holiday DIY enthusiasm for the kitchen where it is needed most!
  • Reputable Kansas City moving companies are reputable because they save you money! However; any expense during this season can be a detriment to your holiday plans. Craigslist and EBay are brilliant web options for frugal holiday gift-shopping. Not only are prices low (and negotiable!), you’ll also save gas that you would otherwise burn up in your local shopping mall’s crowded parking lot. But be sure to cover your tracks! Your loved ones can easily stumble upon your findings if you share a computer. Holidays just aren’t the holidays without the element of surprise.
  • Procrastination is the worst when it comes to any move. If you know you are moving soon, do yourself a favor and start planning TODAY! Moving costs can and will go up if you wait until the last second to hire a professional moving company, especially during the holiday season. Availability can also dwindle as you get closer and closer to your move date. What are you waiting for? Checking steps off of your moving to-do list will shovel stress off of your shoulders!
  • If you are moving long distance, an efficient game plan is especially crucial. Don’t dread the long drive to your new home either! Squeeze life’s lemons into lemonade and make a vacation out of it! Research the route to your new home and plan several fun activities and stops along the way for your family to enjoy.
These are just a few ideas for your holiday season move, be creative! You can easily be an expert at juggling deadlines and fun times, just think positive! Happy holidays Kansas City!
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