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A Moving Day Nightmare: Frantic Pets and Excited Children

Moving day is exciting for everyone, including your children and pets, but that doesn’t mean it should add to your stress of the move. We may have premium packing services, but we are not babysitters. To avoid the chaos that comes with having your kids and pets around during the move, hire a babysitter or pet sitter to watch your family the move. If you can’t get a babysitter in time, here are a few things our Kansas City movers recommend to keep your children calm and your pets in check on moving day.


During the packing process, set aside a pile of toys you know will keep your kids entertained. When it comes time for the move, set those toys free in a room that is already cleared out and let your kids play. You know they’ll be safe in the house and there will be nothing in the room for them to hurt themselves on or be in the way of movers.


As for your pets, set a designated point that you can connect their leash to at your current home as well as a location at the new one for when you arrive. In most cases this situation is for energetic dogs that can have some room outside to roam and you don’t have to worry about taking the dog out to “relieve” themselves. During the relocation from one house to another, use a kennel during transport so your pet is safe during the road trip.


We hope these tips come in handy during your next move. Feel free at any time to reach out to one of our Kansas City movers for additional advice and for a hassle -free moving quote today!

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