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Moving injuries are the worst! As if moving was not already frustrating, all the bumps, bruises and cuts you get while moving can just make the whole moving process a little more unbearable. However, unless you’re hiring Kansas City furniture movers, then moving injuries are unavoidable. Kansas City movers have had their fair share of […]

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If you aren’t investing in a packing service with a premier moving company, you will be doing the packing on your own. When you and your family are packing up and moving to Kansas City, you want to make sure you get everyone involved. If not, the process will be a lot more difficult. The […]

There’s a certain serenity that comes with lounging on the patio couch, surrounded by a nicely manicured and landscaped backyard. Moving it all from one place to another however, doesn’t incite the same feeling of peace. Here are some tips for getting your outdoor furniture to its next destination so that you can get back […]

If you are a basketball person, you probably have a hoop in your backyard. Just because you’re moving houses doesn’t mean you must say goodbye to your old friend just yet. The packing experts at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created this helpful guide, and have some great tips and packing products in […]

If there’s one thing that local movers in Overland Park know very well, it’s all the local spots in our city. There are benefits to being a local and that’s just one of them. And although we may all be different, ask any of the local movers in Overland Park and we will all agree […]

If there’s one thing that you will understand after moving to Overland Park, it’s that in this community, it’s all about the love! The community in Overland Park loves their residents to be happy, which is why they have implemented community events and involvement activities to show the locals some love and allow everyone to […]

All My Sons Moving & Storage is more than just an Overland Park moving company, we are a family business that understands the importance of honesty. We believe that it’s important for everyone who is moving to be completely informed and protected when you move to Overland Park, Kansas, which is why we have created […]

It is Labor Day weekend in Kansas City, and our Kansas City movers are excited! There will be grilling and pool time in the sun with great friends and family. If you do not want to do all of the cooking yourself, then you can also check out the top 5 barbeque restaurants in Kansas […]

Is Kansas City known for bacon? Well not exactly, but on the third of September it surely will be! If you are new to the area and looking for things to do in Kansas City, then you couldn’t be any luckier. Ge out of the house and leave the rest of the unpacking up to […]

Leading a healthy lifestyle can become challenging at times, especially when moving to a new place and being unfamiliar with the eateries around town. However, the following tips will serve as a useful guide to help curtail one’s tendency to resort to fast food restaurant chains, and to facilitate the way towards healthy eating in […]