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As professional Kansas City movers, we are often asked about items you already have around the house that can be used as packing supplies to avoid buying actual packing products. Our team of experts put together the following list of packing supplies you probably already have in your home. We hope this list helps you […]

Our professional Kansas City movers know a thing or two about packing cardboard moving boxes. At All My Sons Moving & Storage we use the highest-quality moving boxes on the market, but those moving boxes wouldn’t matter is boxes were improperly packed. If you are packing yourself, our experts have offered their top packing methods […]

Moving day is exciting for everyone, including your children and pets, but that doesn’t mean it should add to your stress of the move. We may have premium packing services, but we are not babysitters. To avoid the chaos that comes with having your kids and pets around during the move, hire a babysitter or […]

Packing artwork can be complicated and cost you a ton if you end up ruining that priceless painting that’s been passed down through your family. So, your Kansas City Movers are here to provide you with some important steps to avoid any mishaps with your artwork when you move to Kansas City. Avoid packing peanuts […]

So, you’ve decided to enlist the help of a Kansas City packing services company – which is something that’s new to you. You will soon discover just how easy moving can be and how much of a difference packing services can make to your overall packing experience. Once you choose packing, there’s no going back! […]

What makes packing products for long distance moving different from the packing products used for local moving? If you purchased your packing supplies from trusted Kansas City movers, then there’s no difference at all! The quality depends on you! For some people, moving locally requires less “proper” packing. They may simply throw their clothes in […]

Moving to a smaller place can be such a liberating experience! You will cut your cleaning and up-keep time in half, you’ll be able to focus on creating a cozy space for yourself and most of all, you’ll be saving money on all sorts of monthly bills. But, before you go calling your local Kansas […]

Are you wondering how you pack your boxes? Packing in boxes can be challenging, but the professional movers at All My Sons Kansas City are here to make it easier for you! Follow along and you will know the best way to go about packing in boxes. Small Boxes The general rule for small boxes […]

Start Cooking Stop going out for dinner and throw away the take-out menus. You need to be in eating in from now on until moving day. It’s such a waste of money to just throw everything away, so start cooking what you can with everything that you have left. You definitely have a ton of […]

The Kansas City movers at All My Sons know that moving can be tricky. We have created this guide to help you avoid making these most common moving mistakes. One of the most common moving mistakes you can make is thinking you have more time than you do. Sometimes you don’t have a choice of […]