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How Much to Tip Kansas City Packers

So, you’ve decided to enlist the help of a Kansas City packing services company – which is something that’s new to you. You will soon discover just how easy moving can be and how much of a difference packing services can make to your overall packing experience. Once you choose packing, there’s no going back!

But, as soon the as the packers begin to finish, you’re stuck with a sudden realization, “I have no idea how much to tip packers”. You are not alone!

Tipping is always a difficult situation because it’s not easy knowing how much to tip, who to tip, and when it’s appropriate to tip. Plus, there are plenty of guides on how to tip Kansas City movers, but no information on how much to tip packers. Rather than go through the agony of trying to decide that for yourself, we have created this quick guide to ensure you avoid any faux pas.

How Much to Tip Packers

If you prefer the flat fee model, tip each packer $20 – $30 for the entire job, depending how much they are packing which is up to your discretion.

If you prefer the adjustable rate tip method, then most would agree than 5% is a good standard; of which a portion of that goes to each mover.

Who Should You Tip?

Best practice is to tip each packer individually rather than tip the moving coordinator or foreman directly. Not only does it avoid any uncomfortableness between the packers, but it also allows you the opportunity to show your appreciation.

When is The Best Time to Tip?

Well it goes without saying that good service warrants a tip. Don’t tip for packing services if you don’t feel the service was good enough. No customers are ever expected to tip All My Sons Moving & Storage packers, so don’t feel obligated.

As for timing, treat packing services like any other service and wait to tip until after the service is complete.


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