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Kansas City One Of the Best Places to Commute

Based on a survey that targeted large metro areas across the country, Kansas City Missouri ranked in the Top 20 for the best places to commute. Commuting to work is a pretty common occurrence in Kansas City, with about 65% of the residents commuting to work each day. With such a substantial amount of Kansas City-ans driving back and forth to work, the Kansas City movers have a challenge for you: carpool!

Carpooling is not only an easy way to inject a little “green” into your day, it’s also a great way to save money and build relationships. Feeling in touch with the outdoors? Why not ride your bicycle to work! Even switching up your driving habits one day per week can make a great impact. If you have the flexibility, talk to your boss and see if you can work a slightly tweaked day where you start early and leave early (or start late and leave late) to avoid rush hour traffic and idly wasting gas.

Have a job that you could do outside of the office? Telecommute! With today’s technology, you can Skype meetings with your co-workers and scratch the commute altogether.

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