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Moving Your Basketball Hoop

If you are a basketball person, you probably have a hoop in your backyard. Just because you’re moving houses doesn’t mean you must say goodbye to your old friend just yet. The packing experts at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created this helpful guide, and have some great tips and packing products in Kansas City to help you move your basketball hoop safely. Let’s get you shooting the ball towards your new home.

1. Check the Anchoring of your Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoops come in all shapes and sizes. To be able to properly dismantle it, make sure that you understand how it is anchored. Usually, all you must do is move the rocks that hold the base of your hoop. However, some hoops are cemented into the ground. If this is the case, dig around the base. If the pole starts budging in about half an hour of digging, you’d be good to go. If not, you might need to rent a track loader to help you dig even deeper.

2. Break the Pole Down

Take out your gear box and start breaking your basketball hoop down. Start by taking the pole, the backboard, and the rim. Next, break down the adjustment mechanisms and the extension arm. Finally, remove the base from the pole.

3. Pack it Up and Transport to your New Home

The parts to a basketball hoop could be difficult to pack. Fortunately, All My Sons offers packing products in Kansas City that can work perfectly with any size or shaped item. The last step is transporting your hoop to your new home.

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