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How to Pack Up the Food in Your Kitchen Before Moving

Start Cooking

Stop going out for dinner and throw away the take-out menus. You need to be in eating in from now on until moving day. It’s such a waste of money to just throw everything away, so start cooking what you can with everything that you have left. You definitely have a ton of sugar, flour and better stashed, so get baking! You can send the kids to school with treats, bring them into your office or give them out to your favorite neighbors.

Throw It Away

Before your packing services arrive at your house on moving day to pack your kitchen, you should start throwing away anything that is expired. If any non-perishable foods won’t make it past your moving day, throw that stuff out too. You should then check your items to see how much food is really left in them. If you only have a dollop left in your condiments, toss them!

Pack It

The only food that should really be packed are spices, condiments and oils. They can be fairly expensive, so why should you replace them just because you’re moving? When you pack your kitchen, t’s important to wrap spices and jars in protective plastic wrap and pack them in a box. Don’t forget to label the box as “perishable,” so you know to open it right away. Be smart about what you are packing, because some packing services won’t accept any perishable items on the back of the moving truck.

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