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What to Pack in Different Sized Boxes

Are you wondering how you pack your boxes? Packing in boxes can be challenging, but the professional movers at All My Sons Kansas City are here to make it easier for you! Follow along and you will know the best way to go about packing in boxes.

Small Boxes

The general rule for small boxes is: the smaller the box, the heavier you can pack it. They should be reserved for fragile, small and heavier items. Large boxes don’t hold heavy items quite well, because they can’t be easily lifted and they can fall over. Some items to include in your small boxes are: canned goods, CDs and DVDs, books, small electronics and small fragile items.

Medium Boxes

The bulky or awkward items should be packed in medium sized packing products. You can typically get 1 to 3 items in a box at a time. You can put: kitchenware, pots and pans, small appliances, clothing, shoes, lamp shades in this sized box.

Large Boxes

These boxes should be filled with the light items. Put linens, pillows, blankets, medium sized appliances and other large household items in the large boxes. Feel free to stuff this box full, but not to the point that it’s too heavy to lift. Don’t forget to put the heavier items towards the bottom, so that the box doesn’t tip over in the back of the truck.

A general tip for packing in boxes: if there is any empty space in the boxes once everything is packed, fill the empty space with packing products to keep things from moving around.

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