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Packing Supplies for Long Distance Moving

What makes packing products for long distance moving different from the packing products used for local moving? If you purchased your packing supplies from trusted Kansas City movers, then there’s no difference at all! The quality depends on you!

For some people, moving locally requires less “proper” packing. They may simply throw their clothes in a garbage bag or into the trunk of their car without any covering. We recommend purchasing durable packing supplies for any move but especially for long distance moves from Kansas City.

This is the All My Sons Moving & Storage list of essential packing supplies for long distance moving!

Wardrobe Boxes – perfect to move your closet quickly and safely.

Large Durable Boxes – the bigger and stronger, the better!

Moving Blankets – prevent massive damage to furniture.

Furniture Covers (plastic sheets) – ensure there are no tiny scuffs and nicks.

Newspaper/bubble wrap – keep those delicate items safe!

All Kansas City movers are going to recommend purchasing new packing supplies rather than the alternative. Long distance moving from Kansas City is going to put strain on those boxes and the items inside and it’s better to spend the money on new packing supplies than to pay for items that may incur some damage when you transport them.

If you chose to purchasing packing services, then the Kansas City movers at All My Sons will bring all the brand new packing supplies needed to get you moving. You don’t even have to raise a finger!

However, if you choose to pack yourself, then All My Sons Moving & Storage in Kansas City has all the long-distance packing supplies you’ll need to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. Give us a call at our local moving office today: (816) 471-7600.





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