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Packing Supplies You Aren’t Using but Should Be

As professional Kansas City movers, we are often asked about items you already have around the house that can be used as packing supplies to avoid buying actual packing products. Our team of experts put together the following list of packing supplies you probably already have in your home. We hope this list helps you save money and time during your move!



That’s right, your daily bathroom and dish towels are perfect padding for added security and protection for your fragile items during a move.


Running out of boxes? Do you have any suitcases lying around?

Suitcases are perfect alternatives to moving boxes. You’ll have to bring your suitcases along for the move regardless of what you do with them, so fill them up to save a few bucks.


Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are not just for garbage. These durable bags are great for stuffing with clothes, shoes, or hanging items. They also work well as added protection from dust and dirt for clothes on hangers.


Plastic Bins

Plastic bins can be used not only just for storage but also work great as an alternative to moving boxes.


Twist Ties

Keep wires and cords organized with simple twist ties. You don’t have to worry about tripping over those pesky wires as you load the moving truck or spending hours untangling them when you arrive at your new home.



Socks are the perfect padding for your fragile items. Use rolled up socks to fill in spaces in moving boxes as added protection from fragile items bumping and breaking during the move.


These are just some of the many household items you already have that can be used as packing supplies. Call one of our certified packing consultants today and see what else you can use to pack and save.

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