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Relocating your Office to Kansas City

Relocating an office is difficult, but doable. As long as you have a set plan, and with the help of your Kansas City movers and everyone in the office, a corporate relocation can go very smooth. Here are some tips to help you survive a corporate move.

Have a meeting that includes all divisions within the office and determine point men that will head the move in each department. Throughout this process, regular meetings with the point men are of high importance to help stay on track and act as deadlines to achieve weekly goals for the move. Additionally, these meetings can be used for progress regarding who needs packing supplies, budget of the move, and if the help from other divisions is necessary.

When you are building your plan, it is necessary to layout a detailed timeline. Your moving an office, so start with packing the office supplies that will not offset any daily routines.

For example, if Johnson is making phone calls throughout his entire workday, it’s probably not the best idea to disconnect his work phone weeks before the move. Just a thought.

Since this is a corporate move, you cannot forget about clients. Assign an individual the task of contacting all clients about the move and updated contact information. You don’t want your clients paying you a visit in the coming months and showing up to an empty office.

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