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Tips to Avoid Moving Injuries

Moving injuries are the worst! As if moving was not already frustrating, all the bumps, bruises and cuts you get while moving can just make the whole moving process a little more unbearable. However, unless you’re hiring Kansas City furniture movers, then moving injuries are unavoidable.

Kansas City movers have had their fair share of moving injuries, and we don’t want anyone else to have to experience them! Here are a few tips to avoid moving injuries when you move!

  1. Hire Kansas City Furniture Movers

The only sure-fire way to avoid moving injuries altogether is to enlist the services of a professional Kansas City moving company. That way, you can stay complete out of harm’s way. The Kansas City Furniture movers are equipped with the skills and packing products to avoid moving injuries and tough enough to take all the nicks and bruises.

  1. Purchase the Right Packing Products

If you can’t afford Kansas City furniture movers then purchase the next best thing: Kansas City packing products. Most moving injuries can be avoided simply by using the right packing products, especially when moving heavy objects like furniture and appliances.

Moving dollies will prevent back injuries and cable ties will help you get a grip on the items you’re moving. Both are great investments.

  1. Lift with Your Legs

Back injuries are common and completely avoidable. Remember to balance yourself with your back, and lift with your legs. A straight back today decreases the chance of a crocked back tomorrow.

  1. Stay Focused

Usually a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast and a constant flow of water will help anyone stay focused while moving; that’s what Kansas City furniture movers recommend.

  1. Keep it Close

Ensure that everything you move is close to your body, especially heavy items and furniture. This will allow you to maneuver with much more ease, avoiding bumping into walls, corners and experiencing the dreaded toe stub.


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