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What to Get Rid of Before Your Move

Your moving, great! You can finally get some cleaning done in that house of yours. Your Kansas City movers are here to tell you that cleaning and sorting through your old stuff goes hand-in-hand with packing during a move. You must decide between what will be making the move with you, what will be donated, and what will be thrown away. Then you can proceed to receive top of the line packing services from your Kansas City Movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Dig deep in the closet and find all those old shirts that don’t fit anymore. As nice as they are, you haven’t worn them in five years and chances are there’s a few bad memories attached that you don’t need reminding of in a year from now. Besides, you can make some money off those bad memories, and host a yard sale to make a quick buck to assist in moving costs.

Plan your food shopping in accordance with your move date. Make a list and buy only the essentials and right amount of food. This will leave you with the least amount of food items to take with you during your move. Also, any food items which can easily be replaced just get rid of and start fresh. You don’t need to bring leftovers from last week’s dinner to stink up your new place within the first week of moving in.

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