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As a family-owned and operated company we are here to help make your move easier, not steal from you. Unfortunately, there are moving companies out there that will try and scam you to make a few extra dollars. We want to help you avoid that at all costs. So, here are some red flags to […]

To prepare for your packing, you should first declutter your home. Not only will this make the packing process easier, but it will make the unpacking process quicker as well. Having your home ready for packing means that you’ll ultimately be able to save time. What’s more, you’ll ensure that you won’t forget anything of […]

If you have never been to Kansas City, then it’s understandable to have some reservations about moving there. Not knowing anything about an area that you will be calling home can be scary. Kansas City movers have moved people from all over the country to this great area, so allow us to tell you about […]

This summer upon moving to Kansas City, making friends may be one of those aspects of the move that pose more of a challenge than others. Everyone wants to feel welcomed and accepted, and it doesn’t always come easily in the beginning. If you are moving to Kansas City and you know no one in […]

If you are moving to Kansas City this summer, then perhaps you would be curious to know the nature of the people from Kansas City. Like with every area, there are certain stereotypes associated with various groups of people. All My Sons would like to present you with the confirmed stereotypes of the people of Kansas […]

Even if you are on a budget after moving to Kansas City, it’s no reason to put off exploring your new town. To get you out and about while keeping your money in your wallet, All My Sons Moving & Storage offers a list of free things to do in Kansas City: Crown Center – […]

Admit it, there’s nothing better than moving into a house and thinking of all the new ways to decorate your home. While having to use Kansas City movers does definitely decrease the stress when it comes to moving all of your belongings, you still need some help getting everything setup the way you like it. […]

Now that you are moving to Kansas City, you should really start brushing up on your knowledge of the town. To help, All My Sons Moving & Storage has put together a list of what we consider to be seven interesting facts about Kansas City. Kansas City is nicknamed “Paris of the Plains” because it […]

Is your pooch moving to Kansas City with you? You’ll be happy to know that Kansas City is home to over 200 dog-friendly parks, three of which are off-leash parks. To find out more about where to take your pup after moving to Kansas City, read All My Sons Moving & Storage top list for […]

As part of Fire Prevention Week, fire officials and kids across Missouri are going through drills to create home safety plans. Fire officials say there is an often-overlooked item in a house that can lead to disaster – space heaters. If you are moving to Kansas City you may want to leave this dangerous item […]