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Kansas City Temperatures Scorch This Summer

This summer could prove to be a brutal one, as the Kansas City temperatures are expected to rise to over 100 degrees this year.

In fact, the temperature has reached such scorching temperatures, that the city has sent out several warnings not to leave children or pets unattended in hot vehicles. Earlier this month, temperatures were expected to reach a heat index of 101, which is unusually hot for the city – even in the middle of the summer. Since June is a prime moving month across the nation, if you are moving to Kansas City this month, local moving companies urge that you take extra precautions to keep you and your family and pets safe and hydrated.

Luckily, expected storms throughout the area remain the city’s last hope of cooling it down to a manageable temperature. If the rain does not fall, then the thermometers in the homes of Kansas City citizens can only be expected to keep rising higher and higher.

The recorded highest temperature ever noted in Kansas City, comes in at 112 degrees in the month of July in 1954. July is usually the month with the highest temperatures in Kansas City, this means that for the rest of summer, residents can expect to take the necessary precautions in order to keep cool and prevent overheating.

Your local Kansas City movers recommend that in order to beat the heat this summer, it is important to remember to stay hydrated, stay indoors (or somewhere equally as cool with air conditioning), wear loose, full-sleeved cotton clothes, wear plenty of sunscreen, and to do any outdoor exercising in the morning or at night when the sun is not out in full-force.

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