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If there’s one thing that local movers in Overland Park know very well, it’s all the local spots in our city. There are benefits to being a local and that’s just one of them. And although we may all be different, ask any of the local movers in Overland Park and we will all agree […]

If there’s one thing that you will understand after moving to Overland Park, it’s that in this community, it’s all about the love! The community in Overland Park loves their residents to be happy, which is why they have implemented community events and involvement activities to show the locals some love and allow everyone to […]

All My Sons Moving & Storage is more than just an Overland Park moving company, we are a family business that understands the importance of honesty. We believe that it’s important for everyone who is moving to be completely informed and protected when you move to Overland Park, Kansas, which is why we have created […]

As the holidays approach and moving day comes to an end, you may find your piggy bank is dwindling down. With all the Halloween activities that Kansas City has to offer, it is no wonder that the Halloween time is a favorite amongst Kansas City movers. All My Sons Moving & Storage understands how expensive […]

Great news for animal lovers moving to Kansas City this year. Kansas City’s antiquated animal shelter is adding a new city project to the books. With the votes passing in favor of both public and private fundraising, a new shelter is on its way to help more animals in need. The animal shelter in Kansas […]

In 2004, Mike and Janet Johnston opened the first Savory Spice Shop in Denver, Colorado. Since then, they have grown to 29 franchise locations in 16 states. Kansas City movers are happy to announce that Savory Spice Shop is finally coming to Kansas City! If you are moving to Kansas City, you will love this […]

If you are moving to Kansas City, Missouri and could benefit from the accessibility of high-speed internet for your family, you are in luck! President Obama had set a goal for bringing high-speed internet to most schools by 2017; however, it looks like he is going to close in on his goal much earlier than […]

Kansas City recently hosted an invent-a-thon – which features people who have to invent new products within a 48-hour deadline. This event was not taken lightly – as evidenced by the one competitor who rented a truck and transformed it into a mobile garage specifically for the event. Needless to say, he was prepared. The […]

If you are moving to Kansas City and have children that need afterschool care so that you can work, check out Johnson County schools. Johnson County Park & Recreation District (JCPRD) Children’s Service Manager Kim Chappelow-Lee has enjoyed over 30 years of employment and continues to strive for better afterschool care for the children of […]

The University of Missouri-Kansas City has announced its first set of candidates to be inducted into the Starr Women’s Hall of Fame to be featured on campus. The seven selected women represent the fields of philanthropy, politics, ethics, education, business, and civic leadership. The women’s names should also be of familiarity to Kansas City locals; […]