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3 Things All Overland Park Moving Companies Must Have

All My Sons Moving & Storage is more than just an Overland Park moving company, we are a family business that understands the importance of honesty. We believe that it’s important for everyone who is moving to be completely informed and protected when you move to Overland Park, Kansas, which is why we have created this short list of three things that Overland Park moving companies must have in order to ensure they are the right moving company for you.

License and Insurance

Though it sounds like something a police officer will say after pulling you over, it’s essential that you ask each of the Overland Park moving companies you are considering for their license and insurance information so you can check it online. Moving companies who move items across state lines must have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number. Also, no Overland Park moving company without moving insurance should even be considered! Protect yourself first.

Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is an official, legal document that lists all the goods that a shipper (you the mover) and the carrier of goods (the moving company) have selected. Treat this like a receipt that will account for all the items that the Overland Park movers are taking into their care to transport for you. It is very important that you review the bill of lading from the movers you have hired; make sure that all details and pricing is accurate and what you originally agreed on and close to what you were quoted.


Reputation is something that cannot be bought, which makes it one of the most valuable assets to all Overland Park moving companies. Run searches online, check the Better Business Bureau, and ask friends and family for recommendations. Be sure to do your homework and find Overland Park movers that have the reputation to back up their word!

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