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How to Pack Your Artwork

Packing artwork can be complicated and cost you a ton if you end up ruining that priceless painting that’s been passed down through your family. So, your Kansas City Movers are here to provide you with some important steps to avoid any mishaps with your artwork when you move to Kansas City.

Avoid packing peanuts as padding for artwork. Peanuts are known for breaking off into tightly wedged places and can cause separation between the frame and the artwork. Also, packing peanuts are made from potato byproduct or corn, and when in contact with too much moisture can permanently stick to items in your box.

Do not place rolled up canvas in a box with padding. Go to a local art supply store and purchase a cardboard tube to place the canvas in. This is the best possible protection for safe transportation during a move.

If you have pieces of art that are truly worth more than it costs you to make the move, hire a professional packer. Taking a chance on packing that yourself is not worth it when there are professionals who can do it with ease. If you feel like living on the edge, do it yourself and let us know how you went about dancing with the devil, other than that, leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals and their certified packing products.

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